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Looking forward to co-presenting several sessions at #reInvent e.g. portal.reinvent.awsevents.co… and portal.reinvent.awsevents.co…. In the meantime, here's a blog post on creating a fully-automated SMS-based chatbot: aws.amazon.com/blogs/messagi…

Amplify team is collecting feedback in a very transparent and straightforward way - I've chimed in, now it's your turn:
We're looking for Amplify CLI feedback on different ways to install and configure with your AWS account. If you're using Mac, Windows, iOS/Android development and are looking for different options please comment in the below RFC


Amazon’s Climate Pledge is a huge win for @AMZNforClimate & we’re thrilled at what workers have achieved in under a year. But we know it’s not enough. The Paris Agreement, by itself, won’t get us to a livable world. Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we’ll be in the streets.

Announcing multi-auth support for your APIs with AWS AppSync in the Amplify CLI and GraphQL Transformer 😎✌️
  • Public/Private controls you can mix & match
  • Multiple providers: API Keys, IAM, Cognito User Pools, OIDC
  • Automatic scoping of IAM policies



Hidden malware found in the highly popular — CamScanner — #Android app that has more than 100 million users.

#Google has removed it from its Play Store. To be safe, users are also recommended to uninstall #CamScanner immediately.

Introducing ToorCon TwentyOne: The Reboot - mailchi.mp/2947a7d099ed/toor…

🏝 You may be ready for a vacation, but don't let your #cybersecurity vigilance take a rest! Make cyber-smart decisions to keep your mobile device secure. go.usa.gov/xmzdW

This wins the award for the dumbest headline ever. Just because locks can be bypassed doesn't mean locks are pointless.
WhatsApp's hack shows end-to-end encryption is largely pointless bloom.bg/2VAkGV9 via @bopinion

Glad to see minimum industry remediation standards (15 for critical/30 for high) getting better adoption cc @owasp @TheHackersNews
CISA Releases Binding Operational Directive on Vulnerability Remediation go.usa.gov/xmXv3 #cyber #cybersecurity #infosec

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