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A new open program for anyone working with #AWS to consider:
Introducing AWS Community Builders: a global initiative which provides resources and mentorship to AWS builders who are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with the #AWSCommunity. go.aws/3jTW81N

Scalable, SMS-based home monitoring program to check on patients: aws.amazon.com/blogs/industr… Fresh off the press guide with multiple segregated stacks - thank you #AWS #Pinpoint, Gang Fu, Katie Petersen, Wilson To

Super proud of my peers, partner, and customer - thank you for letting me be a tiny part of such impactful work! aws.amazon.com/blogs/industr…
Excited to share the project I've been working on for the last few months... NYC COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition helps MetroPlus Health Plan partner to address the health and social needs of thousands at risk aws.amazon.com/blogs/industr… via @awscloud

Amazon SES now officially supports VPCs + now available in the AWS GovCloud - a reliable way to deliver emails while adhering to various security and sensitivity requirements, regulations, and compliance:
New – Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) for VPC Endpoints - aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new… #AWS

No joke - it's April 1st and #AWS Amazon SES is now in London, Montreal, and Sao Paulo too!
Amazon SES is now available in the Canada (Central), EU (London), and South America (Sao Paulo) Regions

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is now available in the Canada (Central), EU (London), and South America (Sao Paulo) Regions, in additi… aws.amazon.com/about-aws/wha…

Proactive emergency communication aka how I wish all airlines handled mass events...from none else, but yours truly:
Latest blog from the team: Using Amazon Pinpoint for outbound notifications and routing inbound responses via Amazon Connect aws.amazon.com/blogs/messagi…

This morning's event is hard to quantify. More than its effects on stocks, Nginx, and whatever's left of Russia's own brand, will suffer significantly and thus change the decision making of many people in many fields... #epochtimes #worldwideweb

Russian police raided Moscow-based office of NGINX—company behind the world’s 2nd most popular web server app—over #copyright infringement complaint; and conducted searches, detained employees, inducing creator of #Nginx and another co-founder.


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We’re happy to announce that unified web & mobile chat for Amazon Connect contact centers is live! Built from the ground up to be omnichannel, Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice & chat for your customers and agents. amzn.to/35lIEnl

#AWS Digital User Engagement team just posted their lineup for #reInvent- with dedicated sessions every day of the week, you now have plenty of reasons to come and learn about using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SES to engage with and delight your customers: amzn.to/2JRIcEU

Security 🤦‍♂️ of the day - @VisaCheckout why do you have Google Analytics and other trackers on the login + send the OTM pin in the email subject line??!! #WhatAmIMissing Tried to temp-disable all blockers I could, still couldn't login, <TypeError: t.get is not a function> 😱 #Help

Looking forward to co-presenting several sessions at #reInvent e.g. portal.reinvent.awsevents.co… and portal.reinvent.awsevents.co…. In the meantime, here's a blog post on creating a fully-automated SMS-based chatbot: aws.amazon.com/blogs/messagi…

Amplify team is collecting feedback in a very transparent and straightforward way - I've chimed in, now it's your turn:
We're looking for Amplify CLI feedback on different ways to install and configure with your AWS account. If you're using Mac, Windows, iOS/Android development and are looking for different options please comment in the below RFC


Amazon’s Climate Pledge is a huge win for @AMZNforClimate & we’re thrilled at what workers have achieved in under a year. But we know it’s not enough. The Paris Agreement, by itself, won’t get us to a livable world. Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we’ll be in the streets.

Announcing multi-auth support for your APIs with AWS AppSync in the Amplify CLI and GraphQL Transformer 😎✌️
  • Public/Private controls you can mix & match
  • Multiple providers: API Keys, IAM, Cognito User Pools, OIDC
  • Automatic scoping of IAM policies



Hidden malware found in the highly popular — CamScanner — #Android app that has more than 100 million users.

#Google has removed it from its Play Store. To be safe, users are also recommended to uninstall #CamScanner immediately.

Introducing ToorCon TwentyOne: The Reboot - mailchi.mp/2947a7d099ed/toor…

🏝 You may be ready for a vacation, but don't let your #cybersecurity vigilance take a rest! Make cyber-smart decisions to keep your mobile device secure. go.usa.gov/xmzdW

This wins the award for the dumbest headline ever. Just because locks can be bypassed doesn't mean locks are pointless.
WhatsApp's hack shows end-to-end encryption is largely pointless bloom.bg/2VAkGV9 via @bopinion

Glad to see minimum industry remediation standards (15 for critical/30 for high) getting better adoption cc @owasp @TheHackersNews
CISA Releases Binding Operational Directive on Vulnerability Remediation go.usa.gov/xmXv3 #cyber #cybersecurity #infosec

Proud moment today for Jitterbit to be announced as the leader in Gartner MQ for Enterprise iPaaS for 4th year in a row, but we made the greatest gains this year! I'm excited about the exciting innovation happening at Jitterbit that drive our customer's d… lnkd.in/g2-P37w

Verifying myself: I am ilasoft on Keybase.io. ONbeMEoPkqmyc_Aw6OCQJbgMGxnxEPrYoRvX / keybase.io/ilasoft/sigs/ONbe…

@nginxorg Congrats on the huge event! Tactically - I'm having issues ATM w/Amplify - not getting the forget password email (tried several days in a row now), albeit hourly notifications are "just fine". Any assistance? All I want is to disable one of the dead Agents really.....

#ICYMI: Find out what our Chief Architect @ILAsoft had to say about virtual #DataLakes: buff.ly/2FL8gkX via @SoftwareMag

#IoT and #blockchain are ready to drive a manufacturing revolution, says @jitterbit’s Chief Architect @ILAsoft buff.ly/2X0fHdl

Our Chief Architect @ILAsoft explains why #blockchain's 'new #cloud' pushes diverse #payment options, via @payments_source: bit.ly/2Wnfctz

"For blockchain technology to be useful, it must be enabled by APIs first..." We talked to Ilya Pupko, Chief Architect at Jitterbit about blockchain’s need for strong APIs, how the API economy is set to revolutionize blockchain and more. jaxenter.com/blockchain-api-…

Phishing IRL

Join us for one of our @Dreamforce mini-sessions to become a Jitterbit rockstar! Browse our sessions, here: buff.ly/2LXUBW2 #DF18 #Dreamforce18 #CloudIntegration #DigitalTransformation

Evan Barnet and I are so excited to be speaking at Dreamforce with these two awesome Jitterbit folks - @ILAsoft and @shekar_h!! Come check it out! "Don’t Waste your Time on Integration!" Tuesday 9/25, 1p, Moscone West Room 2011.…lnkd.in/eth5PzW lnkd.in/euRk5nQ

InfoconDB.org is live! Thanks for all the guesses and interest so far! If you're at @toorcon don't forget to come to the presentation Sunday @18:00 in track 1!

HackerCon achievement unlocked! @Intuit Payments closed our merchant account because we're classified in the same category as #bathsalts #miraclecures and #megaupload intuit.me/2Nm3xGc

A new talk I will be MCing on the DF floor this year together w/Paul Lathrop -- can't wait to see you all out there: 9/26 1:30P - Moscone West success.salesforce.com/sessi…
Join us at @Dreamforce for "Hype Versus Trend: Demonstration of Top 3 Real-Life #Integration Facts" to discover how the most innovative companies are shifting to emerging integration technologies and use cases. Learn more: buff.ly/2ODpSQK #DF18 #IntegrationCloud

HackerCon achievement unlocked! @Intuit Payments closed our merchant account because we're classified in the same category as #bathsalts #miraclecures and #megaupload intuit.me/2Nm3xGc

Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire arstechnica.com/tech-policy/…

.@APIWorld is the first large-scale conference and expo with the goal of organizing this new #API Economy. Stop by and see us at booth number 101: buff.ly/2O6RFIf #APIWorld18

Es ist toll zu sehen, wie so viele europäische @jitterbit Partner und Kunden zusammenarbeiten und ihre Liebe für die Kraft teilen! #DigitalisierungKraft #IntegrationForce
"Digitalisierung ist die Stärkste Kraft in der Geschichte der Menschheit!" Bernd Jung von @jitterbit zum Thema "101 der Integration - komplexe Prozesse und Systeme einfach verzahnt" #distruptive #transformative #inevitable #integration #salesforce #data #customernetworks

So... I suppose it’s time to share a bit.

I have always worked to try to educate the government so they can make better informed decisions that will benefit all citizens.


Powerful warning from @jitterbit's great partner @LaceworkInc #Security
ICYMI: @LaceworkInc discovered 22k container orchestration and API management systems are unprotected: bit.ly/2MD99fp

Do your research first and vote! You may be in control of your destiny, but only if you make the effort... #NoComplaints
You can vote in person today through Monday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day Tuesday, June 5 at the Registrar's office, 5600 Overland Ave., San Diego

Interesting Chrome bug (potentially privacy invading if abused properly). A @googlechrome extension that is corrupted (how does this happen?) can carry over into an Incognito window and prevent specific URLs/tags from being loaded, even though incognito shouldn't load extensions

Jitterbit Recognized as Leader for Third Consecutive Year in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service: buff.ly/2K3YWHR #Gartner #MagicQuadrant

While the City of Atlanta is still crippled, the whole state is threatening to lower its defense capabilities CC @Hacker0x01 @Bugcrowd @owasp "Any person who intentionally accesses[...]without authority[...]shall be[...]punished for a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature."
Dear @GovernorDeal: if you want Georgia to lead on cybersecurity then you must veto S.B. 315. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/03/ge…

@ProtonVPN Here I am, using public WiFi and can't get to ProtonVPN's website for some reason. All other HTTPS sites I've tried seemed to have worked fine... What could it be?

@ProtonVPN Here I am, using public WiFi and can't get to ProtonVPN's website for some reason. All other HTTPS sites I've tried seemed to have worked fine... What could it be?

@ProtonVPN Here I am, using public WiFi and can't get to ProtonVPN's website for some reason. All other HTTPS sites I've tried seemed to have worked fine... What could it be?

@ProtonVPN Here I am, using public WiFi and can't get to ProtonVPN's website for some reason. All other HTTPS sites I've tried seemed to have worked fine... What could it be?

.@doctorow: "If something is your property, you get to decide how to use it!" #AppSecCali #NoToDRM cc @EFF

"Any backdoor is discoverable within 5 years!" By @doctorow at #AppSecCali cc #EFF

Great security talk - lots of chuckles from the audience :D
Threat Modelling talk with @jonathanmarcil at #AppSecCali Really clean and informative diagram

Anyone using @IrrigationCaddy these days? cloud.irrigationcaddy.com appears to be down. Temporarily or permanently? #IoT #IrrigationController #Irrigation

Our infrastructure is designed to prevent mail loss even if there is an unexpected outage. However, mail can be delayed for a bit while the servers catch up.

Our infrastructure is designed to prevent mail loss even if there is an unexpected outage. However, mail can be delayed for a bit while the servers catch up.

Our infrastructure is designed to prevent mail loss even if there is an unexpected outage. However, mail can be delayed for a bit while the servers catch up.

Our infrastructure is designed to prevent mail loss even if there is an unexpected outage. However, mail can be delayed for a bit while the servers catch up.

Great presentation with @StefanieLCausey and Jay Hurst of @salesforce - and a separate thank you to Paul Lathrop of @jitterbit!
And last but not least, I played a (very) small role in a great technical presentation with @ILAsoft from Jitterbit and Jay Hurst from Salesforce, talking about Platform Events and Jitterbit. lnkd.in/gwt3VnF

One of the coolest things right now is watching the coordination of translators get together to make the @owasp #Top10 more accessible globally. German, French, Spanish, Russian, Thai, and more. Just awesome! 🌐

Another great @jitterbit interview w/@ctsmithiii of @DZone. Can you guess which of the bullets are ours/our pet-peeve?
How Leaders Are Pursuing DevOps Securely - DZone #DevOps bit.ly/2zSTLsh by @dzone

Dreamforce is already in full swing! Be sure to check out our sessions and visit one of our booths for a demo. ow.ly/wyhL30gouDk #DF17

Packed house at #df17! Thanks to everyone that attended.

Integration of data & processes isn't assembling a puzzle. It's enabling a conversation. Let's discuss @Dreamforce success.salesforce.com/Sessi…

After one year of beta testing, Cryptomator 1.0 for Android is finally here. 🎉 Get it on Google Play. cryptomator.org/android/

First time surfing was a blast. More intense then I expected, but way fun! @ Oceanside Beach instagram.com/p/Bau1lJ0FZPn/

I'll be one of the first presenters at #DF17 - Monday 6th at 11:30 AM, wake up early and let's rock the house together with @jitterbit! 🤓
Learn how to extend #Salesforce - Create and Consume APIs to Enrich #Data in the #Enterprise with @jitterbit: buff.ly/2gM7qt3 #DF17

Shifting into High Gear - automotive security panel with @AutoISAC and @GM.#securityatsf #securityat

Shifting into High Gear - automotive security panel with @AutoISAC and @GM.#securityatsf #securityat

Attack Surface Reduction with @natashenka. On stage now at #securityatsf #securityat

Winnukev95, Counterstrike, and of course, MySpace. @samykamkar’s #keynote at #securityat #securityatsf #hackallthethings

It was fun and extremely useful for me personally... Thank you, @digitalocean! hacktoberfest.digitalocean.c… #Hacktoberfest

MMM strikes again: Bitcoin’s rise in African markets is driven by an old Russian ponzi scheme qz.com/1100886 via @qzafrica

Looking forward to it...
World renowned hacker @samykamkar is keynoting at #securityatSF this month (10/24). See more: securityatsf.splashthat.com/ #securityat

San Diego DA says everyone should check their credit after Equifax hack. countynewscenter.com/protect…

ProtonVPN Free is now available globally without a waiting list! Now anybody can download our free VPN #freevpn protonvpn.com/blog/free-vpn-…

ProtonMail's #prague team hard at "work" on #FridayFunDay. By the way, we are also hiring developers in both Prague and Geneva!

Cryptomator 0.7.0 for Android has been released! We're very close to a first final release. 🎉 Thank you for testing! cryptomator.org/android/

How to not be left behind in the Cloud Economy aka 21st Century #GoogleCloudOnBoard

How to not be left behind in the Cloud Economy aka 21st Century #GoogleCloudOnBoard

21st Century and we are still arguing... #Demagoguery The Anti-Diversity Screed (and the mellow official response): gizmodo.com/exclusive-heres-…

Fresh out the oven — the Overview page in NGINX Amplify. Don't miss it! amplify.nginx.com

@Jitterbit was named one of the best software products for #midmarket #Development Teams to use in 2017: bit.ly/2jzbBaN

A gag order was lifted + @Cloudflare was finally able to share a #NSL it received back in 2013 - bit.ly/2ihFybf via @threatpost

Bring your toughest questions for our fireside chat Wednesday/Thursday of next week:
Harmony Winter ‘17 is almost here! Register for the webinar to see the updates and features of our latest release: ow.ly/vdo3306J7VG

A great read for the blissfully ignorant: "We’re all screwed, but let’s not be nihilists" tcrn.ch/2fSV2SC via @techcrunch

We are one of 4 companies KKR invested in to build credibility and experience that will be rolled into a new fund. ow.ly/2RB0306eRj2

Amazon pushes software software updates every 11 seconds. We don't do it that often, says Scott Reese of Autodesk at #XLR8Fusion

#XLR8Fusion is off the hook, they even gave me a serial number, now I am an IoT member #X321

Simple and resonating points... Never too late to learn to better yourself!
Don’t Get Surprised by Burnout ow.ly/y11O301okbC

Hate seeing this happen to someone I personally rooted for... #Test1stSecurity
.@letsencrypt blamed a bug for disclosing the email addresses of a couple thousand of its users this weekend - ow.ly/55YK301dPSM

See why data is driving design and why at #ForgDevCon – Join us next week! ow.ly/EIXE300pQju

Super psyched for the weekend so we can reset the bullshit-o-meter and start again at 0 on Monday.

Speaking at @Autodesk #ForgeDevCon – will you join @jitterbit and me there? Got a special speaker discount for you: forgedevcon.eventbrite.com/?…

On the floor, in person, for another 2 days- surprise us with your data pains, let's talk Harmony #NSW16
People can't get enough #integration. Come by booth 824 to learn more! #NSW16

See you there!
Headed to @NetSuite #SuiteWorld next week? Come visit us in booth 824 for your free backstage pass. ow.ly/Yp9W30038Q3

From our motherboard to yours, happy Mother's Day!

Have you checked out the #Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise #iPaaS? Get your copy here: ow.ly/109xuM

Did you know Jitterbit powers evented web #integration so you can connect any app to #Autodesk? Learn more: buff.ly/1Or1cqI #AU2015

Did you miss our Fall '15 release webinar yesterday? Learn about new features on our blog: buff.ly/1HcTUFE

Looking to tap into the #IoT? See how @metrolosangeles helps 1.4 million riders go places with #mobile payments: buff.ly/1lgNScV

Free 3D CAD/CAM for startups. Really. It’s free! cards.nitter.net/cards/904a…

Standing room only at Jitterbit #IoT #integration demos! #DF15 #DiveIntoDF

Honored to be named "Editor's Choice for Innovation" for our #API #integration work. Thanks @jlstafford @TechTarget! buff.ly/1NNNLkq

Learn why our latest real-time integration product announcement with @AutodeskPLM360 is "Off the Hook": buff.ly/1O9JmW7

@jitterbit in the wild
For Greenpoint's cloud-based #PLM, parent company didn't want any interaction with solutions beyond the firewall, so used Jitterbit #XLR8PLM

The biggest challenge @DiscoverMono has is to to manage predictive maintenance for cars around the world. #xlr8plm

The world has lost a great man. We must never forget Sir Nicholas Winton's humanity in saving so many children from the Holocaust.

Actions may speak louder than words, but some words are louder than others. Thank you, J. Comey, director of the FBI: wapo.st/1CR6nqm

Stuff of Legends "@EFF @kaspersky Equation Group—an "almost omnipotent cyberespionage organization" eff.org/r.tmtz"

Now need one for coding @alistapart @AListAFart use solid web principles to justify what you were going to do anyway alistafart.com/article/how-t…

Another great actionable short from @bfeld "Identify Leaders By Giving People Assignments" feld.com/archives/2014/12/id…

I have always loved the Internet Archive - and I wish more people knew about it - buff.ly/1zsr3pb

The San Diego Highwayman helped stranded motorists for decades. Now, they're helping him: bitly.com/1BFXeSP

We must remember so that we may never forget. For #Auschwitz70, explore stories from survivors:goo.gl/BvgMIR

Happy Thanksgiving!

hurray hurray hurray

I’m glad I’m not a turkey…
On this Thanksgiving Day!

cc: @thefeirmanator

@PMJofficial let's get the party started, falling asleep here!

Is Goldman using untrained MBAs??! "Spreadsheet Mistake Costs Tibco Shareholders $100 Million" on.wsj.com/1vjYdWE via @WSJMoneyBeat

@digitalocean need a couple of Windows boxes and having to go with competition. Any set plans for nonNix* support?

We are about to hit it at @jitterbit booth! #DF14

"@EFF: Props to @Cloudflare for making the web more secure with the move to free HTTPS for all users: eff.org/r.e2sw" Absolutely!

#TEDxBoulder speaker - Alan Lewis believes we are the resistance in a food occupation. "Join the resistance, don't swallow the lies!"

"@JeremyShure: MAZEL TOV @jasonmendelson on today's wedding! A lifetime of happiness and laughs." 2nd that from SD, CA

Ecstatic to welcome our daughter Haley into the world this morning. I honestly never knew I could be so proud.

@GeekStorage IP was changed on titan, but there was NO notification w/it, had to find out from users+check CP... Is this IP final at least?

After being sold as shareware for 15 years, Ad Muncher is now free! murrayhurps.com/blog/ad-munc… via @murray

The view from the seat on set, featuring the teleprompter with the outline of the video content :)

LA Superior Court judge rules that California's teacher tenure law is unconstitutional. utsd.us/1kYepcA

My @fitbit force isn't counting steps I walk when pushing a stroller with Baby G-Lo in it. Shit.

Meet Greyson Michael Lorang - aka "Baby G-Lo" - 8lbs 4oz and 21in! @parkerbenson is doing great! @… instagram.com/p/niqjpPAQTY/

Chagrined: Hundreds of pretzels delivered to customers today. Only when I get home does the neighbor tell me it's National Pretzel Day.

Terrible news, just patroned last week @LANow: Money woes force San Diego Opera to fold after April 13 final performance of 'Don Quixote.'

I still have faith in kindness @martinsoorjoo: How Entrepreneurs Can Become a Jedi Knight ow.ly/uDw4j Move over lean methodology

"@EFF: Russia uses Net censorship laws to silence major media and opposition websites: eff.org/r.dund" #ashamed

Андрей Зубов: Это уже было vedomosti.ru/~FdY via @Vedomosti

I'm looking for a device to measure the wind at my farm. Any suggestions?

@digitalocean Droplet down >1hr. Ticket 191841 opened >1hr... Plz assist!

@digitalocean Droplet down >1hr. Ticket 191841 opened >1hr... Plz assist!

Most valuable work at any given time RT @bartlorang: Really Fascinating Product Prioritization System from Pandora: buff.ly/1lzFjs1

Today's U.S. doodle celebrates Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad

Feld Thoughts: Real Transparency goo.gl/fb/jP1K4

Working my tail off on the Android version of @getdrawer, and folding in a few nice updates as I go...display a whole drawer on a map? Yes!

Twice in the last 15 months my car wouldn’t start. Get it to the shop, then it always starts. I think it’s getting Munchausen syndrome.

Just posted: (Hacking) Professional Weather Station for under $100 ilasoft.net/professional-wea… #PHP @digitalocean @wunderground

Passionate conversations (that you missed prior to voting) @bfeld "Gotham Gal: Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado buff.ly/1aFhPXP"

28,125 pretzels in the (9-month) first year. By type:

Hot Dogs—855

Thanks, everyone.

"NSA iPhone spyware claims 100% success rate" <- the NSA news will cause the next US financial crisis. cir.ca/s/jls

The world is turning upside down...for the better(?)! Respect @iA "We will drop our patents pending. Thank you @dhh for clearing our minds."

Feld Thoughts: Don’t Fight Depression goo.gl/fb/kBpR3

I just published “Holy Shit! I’m having a Startup Baby!” medium.com/p/573e6e7f6e53

Please watch and share with your loved ones! #LoveAlwaysWins: invidio.us/6AeqOFo7MRw via @allout

#TechProof #InsideHack "@EFF @WashingtonPost How we know the NSA had access to internal Google and Yahoo cloud data eff.org/r.2chw"

Woo! Drawer is now avail in the App Store! Want to keep track of places people recommend to you, or share your favs? itunes.apple.com/us/app/draw…

When #attrition doesn't matter @awscloud: "Thanks for submitting your feedback! We won't respond, but we will use your feedback to improve."

Awesome applicant response: "I am not applying for this position - I just want to meet whomever wrote it for coffee sometime." :-)

With most providers' POLICY prohibiting transparency, I bow to mine @digitalocean: [UPDATE] NY2 Upgrade Postmortem ow.ly/qitnu

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin

Now that's a backdrop! @LeedsBiz Koelbel Bldg & Flatirons first snow. #cuboulder Photo Casey A Cass

#BRUSHFIRE: Fire near EB I-8 & Los Coches Rd. in El Cajon is close to homes. Ground crews on scene; ASTREA copters en route for water drops.

White cloud over Boulder. Morning after the flood. instagram.com/p/eM__q4iZaU/

My favorite course at CU! "@jasonmendelson: Are you a Colorado-based business and want to pitch @foundrygroup? bit.ly/1g2BK5A"

Feld Thoughts: NovoED MOOC on Raising Venture Capital goo.gl/fb/3nsyZ

I just became an @EFF member because privacy matters to ME...as it should to YOU! eff.org/membership-drive #JoinEFF

A history of the children’s menu, which just goes to show we can do better than fried food and mac & cheese. bit.ly/17EJvu0

"@bwest: Colorado Lawmakers Have Magical License Plates That Prevent Them From Getting Tickets wp.me/p2L7Ik-Gwrn via @consumerist"

Welcome to Colorado. Beautiful mountains, great people, and we’re America’s first line of galactic defense. bit.ly/1aXfnha

! RT @jwd2a It's Corporate Storm! Two different parts moving in two different directions, slowly ripping itself apart

In absence of competition, mediocrity prevails... @DocuSign #UXless

Good spy tech "@google: New summer reads for you & your kids with help from Google's Knowledge Graph: g.co/eh92 #googlesearch"

@bartlorang leadership trait: "I am persistent!"

IRS tracks your digital footprint on-msn.com/12L5COS via @MSN_Money

Brings back so many sweet memories!! RT @bfeld If you like Space Invaders, you'll love this! 404 Not Found buff.ly/14g7PRb

Just spent the last hour listing a dozen items on eBay. It was fairly painful. It's incredible how little the UX has improved over the years

Feld Thoughts: It’s Your Job To Improve Your Team goo.gl/fb/2eHFy

The Onion releases fartscroll.js goo.gl/fb/3xgDU

20th Annual Barney Ford Diversity Benefit and Auction #Photos pupko.com/Events/Boulder/Bar…

My first trophy since Little League. Leading all those birthright trips finally came in handy. @… instagram.com/p/YsrdTFIdtU/

"You know, Google, the web already had this feature" flip.it/P0YMd

Bernthal talking about the VC sandwich. Now I'm hungry :) #flatirons

Sweet! Jealous!! RT @bartlorang: New @FullContactApp Shirts, Made Specially for @bfeld

Does your CEO get down 'n dirty? @bartlorang coding w\fellow employees on busy day #Respect #AllHandsOnDeck

Unfortunate behavior G, especially after dying on I/O purchase RT @EFF: Google Takes the Dark Path, Censors AdBlock eff.org/r.b7Mb

Very well written, insightful and foresightful RT @iconfinder: Why mobile videos suck iconfindr.com/YlA9hD

Just posted: #SQL Cursor and Batching ilasoft.net/308

The Best-Kept Secret at Facebook? The Offensive Line. fullcontact.com/2013/03/04/f… via @fullcontactapi

I just backed Rhino Shield: The Impact Resistant Screen Protector on @Kickstarter kck.st/11Co939

RT @dgmandell I think Marissa Mayer may be the anti- @bartlorang Seriously, she could learn from @FullContactAPI

Blast from the past...and the Web is still so "larval"! RT @iconfinder nytimes.com/1996/07/14/magaz…

"I just love Java" ~ noboby, ever

I joined @EngineAdvocacy to be part of the conversation RT @bfeld Feld Thoughts: Engine. Where Startups Come Together goo.gl/fb/vjisQ

With all due respect @Kasparov63 @peterthiel RT @iconfinder Incremental Innovation is Just As Powerful as Disruption tomtunguz.com/incrementalism

RT @CUBoulder: Happy Chanukah to everyone celebrating the Festival of Lights! @jewishbuffs

R Ray Wang of @rwang0: [Products are excuses to sell services] #defragcon

We shouldn't be fighting with our competitors for the same cookie (customers), there are thousands of potential cookies out there #defragcon

Jeff Ma of @tenxer: [Constant factual and personalized feedback] Quarterly PDP is wrong!! #defragcon

Dave Jilk of @standing_cloud: What is Truth? [Testimonial chain is a black box!] #defragcon

"guild structure at github" sounds like WoW for code monkeys :-) #defragcon

Elliot Turner of @AlchemyAPI: [even a naive algorithm performs better with more data] Quantity=Quality #defragcon

#defragcon @wasabhi > your knowledge erodes when you are forced to do things in a repeatable way

Innovation is Everyone's Business @nLabCU with George Kembel (@gakembel) pupko.com/Events/Boulder/nLa…

Is your hot drink feeling lonely? Add a piece of this Russian cake and fully transform your experience! goo.gl/FVKOt #KatyasRecipes

Autumn, Leanin' Tree - Museum and Sculpture Garden of Western Art pupko.com/Travel/Colorado/Le…

Come to the GEA's IdeaWorkshop: where students get 1on1 speed feedback from proven entrepreneurs. @cugea #ideaswork cugea.wordpress.com/2012/10/…

Startup Weekend EDU Boulder (@SWEDU_Boulder) Oct 5-7 2012 pupko.com/Events/Boulder/SWE… #SWEDU_boulder

Pints & Profs w/MBA Women International and Leeds Outdoor Industry Club pupko.com/Events/Boulder/Pin…

19+1 awesome ideas from @swedu_boulder - expecting 8 killer products from the winners by end of Sunday! ow.ly/i/ZXob #swedubldr

CU Boulder Graduates: @cuGEA Retreat 9/26: Be inspired by members of the Boulder entrepreneurial community. eventbrite.com/event/4288565…

Jeppesen-Boeing Picnic at the Wildlife Experience Museum pupko.com/Party/Jeppesen-Boe…

If you're an entrepreneurial CU grad student, come to the GEA kickoff Fri. the 14th at 12:30pm in Koelbel S125. RSVP: goo.gl/6gTzP

2012 Western States Orienteering Championships pupko.com/Travel/Orienteerin…

@StartupCU 08/2012: "Getting Into TechStars" w/Carly Gloge pupko.com/Events/Boulder/Sta…

I met a lot of new friends at #bdnt, even adults want to play with me!

Just posted: Hint - Automatic Conference Calls ilasoft.net/306

A showcase of *truly* and reasonably sustainable businesses @ #Unreasonable2012 Thank you Unreasonable Institute @BeUnreasonable

Just posted: SQL - Server Table Search ilasoft.net/305

Russian-language Wikipedia undergoes SOPA-like blackout in protest of an Internet #censorship bill: eff.org/r.1afn #netfreedom

@Google, unannounced to consumers, replaces product search with a fully commercial solution, time to switch? googlecommerce.blogspot.com/…

Want one now! RT @MassInno: #bdnt Mosoro demoing a "fob" - a controller they can use in multiple places. Mosoro.com - woo-hoo

Last seat taken- awesome, #bdnt

I'm reading the Apple iOS security doc: images.apple.com/ipad/busine… and its amazing because Apple never talks about security in detail like this.

Replying to @demingpulse
@DemingCenter Thanks, but wonder why @TheEconomist and @TIME did not make the list..? Think they are still hip and valuable.

Replying to @PeterMcGraw
@PeterMcGraw is Scientificly Hilarious @igniteboulder, thank you! #bsw12

Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge 2012 pupko.com/Travel/Boulder/Roc…

Leeds Barney Ford Diversity Benefit and Auction 2012 pupko.com/Travel/Boulder/Bar…

Got tix for both me and mine @igniteboulder Not many left- join us now! igniteboulder.com

#flatirons Ergen: go start a business where you can actually do stuff

Nicole Glaros, Managing Director of TechStars-Boulder will speak on pitching tomorrow at 6-7:30pm Wolf Law 205. RSVP: startupcu.com

@cuGEA and @DemingCenter Leeds MBAA Silicon Valley Trek 2012 pupko.com/Travel/USA/Silicon…

RT @ #CUNVC4 Audience Choice Award and 1st place winner is airport rideshare startup RideORama.com

First timer #bdnt- what a great slew of innovation! Happy to see @BoulderJCC in the crowd and hear about Gizmonyx bit.ly/HQZTy8

Leather Wedding Anniversary of Katya and Ilya ping.fm/y6cMm

Андрей Бильжо, 12.03.2012 17:07 : Последний митинг и размышления вокруг: Ну вот, сходил я ещё на один митинг. ... bit.ly/xOFalW

Skiing at Steamboat with the GREA ping.fm/p4NZe

Misha's Birthday in Little Europe ping.fm/Kkcxi

Mike's Birthday Bash at the Aquarium ping.fm/4WXtM

Garden of Western Art at Boulder ping.fm/sMEHq

Orienteering Meet at CU-Boulder ping.fm/Ln1hJ

Halloween at Ben and Brooke's ping.fm/DdEWR

@cuGEA The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship @DemingCenter Student and Faculty Luncheon on September 28, 2011 pupko.com/Travel/Boulder/GEA…

Anniversary of Katya and Ilya ping.fm/RHfwA

Microsoft fails to credit Kelihos takedown partner (Kaspersky Lab). cwrld.us/nqzVLn

Deming Center Fall Networking Night and BoulderBeta 2011 pupko.com/Travel/Boulder/Dem…

Labor Day BBQ/TNP at Alex/Joe's and Silicon Flatirons Feld-Weiser One-on-One ping.fm/TWDcS

Boulder TechInfo Forum & Tuesday Night Potluck at Jeff's ping.fm/19qlw

Anna & Slava 10 year Anniversary ping.fm/ZvPZk

Leeds School of Business Challenge, Welcome BBQ, and CU Boulder chemical scare ping.fm/4xbue

Just posted: SQL - Error Handling http://ilasoft.net/274

Just posted: SQL - The Power of APPLY http://ilasoft.net/272

Misha's BD at Melamud's http://ping.fm/Kix7a

Judge Kozinski explains how the Safeway Club Card led to the death of the Fourth Amendment eff.org/r.177 #privacy

Pasha's BD at Pavel's http://ping.fm/8NPCn

Lazar's BD at Little Europe http://ping.fm/oQmM0

Mike's BD at Tavern DTC http://ping.fm/QC7Xl

Orienteering with Zamoshchins http://ping.fm/BrkGg

Yelena's BD at Japoix http://ping.fm/n7YIE

Not a single mediocre presentation, not one dull attendee- #ias11 has been the best conference ever! IAS first timer and already a fan!

If you missed the IA Summit in Denver, you can access all 26 slideshows here: http://ow.ly/1skL48 | thx @currybet #ias11

@TMobile the new dark side: 3+ hours unsuccessfully porting and trying to get bill fixed. Complete failure!!!

Just posted: SQL Server Search http://ilasoft.net/269

San Diego 03/04-03/08 http://ping.fm/O9Hqa

Love @TMobile - Instant and Awesome CS response, 3 new lines of great service up, thanks Cody!

In The Race For More Spectrum, AT&T Is Acquiring T-Mobile For $39 Billion http://tcrn.ch/ehFtob by @parislemon

'Eight habits of highly effective Google bosses' - using people analytics: http://goo.gl/secBn @nytimes

BBQ at Pasha's http://ping.fm/mLmmm

Katya's BD at Fruition http://ping.fm/rlSmu

Replying to @cyanogen
@cyanogen Congratulations to you and the team for all your work on CM7! #TeamAndroid

Volcano - February 2011 http://ping.fm/AXrJg

Just posted: SQL - The Danger of NULLs http://ilasoft.net/268

Super Bowl 2011 http://ping.fm/BeQPw

Just posted: Textpattern Dynamic Date http://ilasoft.net/267

Just posted: SQL: The Power of NULLs http://ilasoft.net/266

Breckenridge - Skiing and Snow Sculptures http://ping.fm/me5QR

Check out Katya @lastfm http://ping.fm/RuNEC

Misha Pupko's BD - 01/2011 http://bit.ly/eqlJ9e

Atlanta's "Great Winter Storm and Deep Freeze of 2011" http://bit.ly/gFl6lN

New Year - 2011 http://bit.ly/ggCLEp

Littleton 12/2010 - Pupko.com http://bit.ly/h45ipv

Land Energy - December 2010 http://bit.ly/LandEnergy10

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