Super proud of my peers, partner, and customer - thank you for letting me be a tiny part of such impactful work!…
Excited to share the project I've been working on for the last few months... NYC COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition helps MetroPlus Health Plan partner to address the health and social needs of thousands at risk… via @awscloud
This morning's event is hard to quantify. More than its effects on stocks, Nginx, and whatever's left of Russia's own brand, will suffer significantly and thus change the decision making of many people in many fields... #epochtimes #worldwideweb

Russian police raided Moscow-based office of NGINX—company behind the world’s 2nd most popular web server app—over #copyright infringement complaint; and conducted searches, detained employees, inducing creator of #Nginx and another co-founder.…

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We’re happy to announce that unified web & mobile chat for Amazon Connect contact centers is live! Built from the ground up to be omnichannel, Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice & chat for your customers and agents.
#AWS Digital User Engagement team just posted their lineup for #reInvent- with dedicated sessions every day of the week, you now have plenty of reasons to come and learn about using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SES to engage with and delight your customers: