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Pupko.com: KZM & NYC 2010

NYC 2010 gallery added featuring photos and videos from our trip to NYC and the KZM 2010 gathering.

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Pupko.com: Camping & Birthday pictures

10-07-02.Camping/IMG_0010Camping gallery was added a while back with photos from a recent camping trip to Rocky Mountain Park, miscellaneous places around town and a “shootout” at Cherry Creek Park, while new gallery 10-08-01.BD/IMG_4988Ilya’s BD has pictures from this year’s fun Jeppesen party and of course from my BD…

…And most importantly- both galleries also contain HD videos. Enjoy!

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Pupko.com: Yelena's BD

10-04-17.Yelena/IMG_3639Yelena’s BD Party @ National gallery added.

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Pupko.com: 1st Anniversary @ Las Vegas

10-03-07.Anniversary/IMG_3311Katya’s & Ilya’s 1st Anniversary @ Las Vegas gallery added.

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Pupko.com: Several galleries from '09

09-11-28.South%2520Colorado/IMG_2287I added several older galleries from the end ‘09 to Pupko.com: a Thanksgiving dinner at Kuskin’s, a trip to South Colorado (Alligator Farm, Great Sand Dunes, and Canon City museums and its vicinity), and Fiddler on the Roof musical.

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Pupko.com: Multiple Galleries

09-08-20.Cirque%2520du%2520Soleil/IMG_0393Multiple galleries added to Pupko.com: a quick meeting with Brandon, a “NetParty” at downtown Denver, and opening night of Cirque du Soleil (with a short test HD video clip).

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Pupko.com: Party @ Kuskins'

09-08-15.Kuskin/IMG_0142Party @ Kuskins’ gallery added, plus some photos made a day before. Getting used to my new T1i, so the photos are not nearly as good they could’ve been, sorry :(

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Pupko.com: Night Out

09-07-24.Party/IMG_5970Night out @ Denver Downtown gallery added. Also includes some shots I made playing with a wide-angle lens…

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Pupko.com: Jeppesen Party + Ilya's BD .2

09-08-08.Jeppesen/P1020174Jeppesen Party ‘09 @ the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum gallery added. A few more photos were added to the Ilya’s BD gallery as well.

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