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TWG Summary

NOTE: This modification is not supported anymore. TinyWebGallery is a great and powerful script that I enjoyed for many years, but I have since switched to SmugMug and do not follow latest TWG development efforts. Nevertheless, feel free to use this “hack”- it is still most certainly useful and easy to implement.
By just modifying five files (a total of around 25 lines added), you will be able to have your TWG Gallery produce “summary” pages, where the users will be able to see multiple medium-sized pictures, without having to go into each picture every-time. A must for high-bandwidth users/sites.
This article assumes you are running an unmodified version of Tiny Web Gallery script version 1.6.3. If you are running a different version, line numbers and code might be different.
File Comparison done based on “Araxis Merge File Comparison Reports” by Araxis Merge.

As always, remember to do a full back-up of the system or at least backup all the files you modify:

Click here to see full File Modifications step by step in an easy to read format.

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